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In Case You Missed It: Cry God For William, England and St George

April 23, 2014

shakespeareBARD FACTS: Today is the 450th anniversary of the birthday of probably the world’s greatest writer – Stratford-upon-Avon’s William Shakespeare. He was born on April 23, 1564.

The Bard, who left school at 14 and yet transformed English drama and the very language that we speak, ironically died on his 52nd birthday – April 23, 1616.

The Royal Shakespeare Company will be launching the year of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday with a spectacular pyrotechnical display, after its jubilee performance of Henry IV, Part I today.

And thousands of people are also expected to line the streets in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday for the Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday Celebrations Procession, which will leave the Great Garden of New Place and travel to Shakespeare’s grave by the altar of Holy Trinity Church.


1) He wrote 40 plays and 154 sonnets and his works have been translated into almost every language on Earth including Klingon

2) Shakespeare’s works are performed somewhere in the world EVERY MINUTE of the day

3) Juliet is the most popular Shapearean character by visitors to his home at new Place, Stratford

4) More than 820,000 people visit Shakespeare’s five homes every year

5) More than 3,000 schools and 150 arts and heritage organisations took part in the first Shakespeare Week last month as new reforms revealed by Education Secretary Michael Gove will see Shakespeare play a more integral role in the national curriculum to help drive up education standards


chris pincherSAINT’S ALIVE: Tamworth’s St George’s Day celebrations got a national boost – with a mention at Westminster.

The town’s MP Chris Pincher, pictured, raised the decade-old event in the House of Commons as a “great day out for all the family and a boon to local businesses.”.

Although England’s patron saint’s day is today – the Tamworth celebration is on Saturday, April 26 in the Castle Grounds.

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