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STAT’S THAT THEN: From working hard to go-slows . . .

June 30, 2014

LONG TO REIGN OVER US: British workers put in a 12-hour shift every day – the longest in Europe. On average we start at 7.17am and finish at 7.02pm, research shows. It’s a tough old world  . . .

Meanwhile millions of us now have the right to ask employers for flexitime, under new measures given the green light today.

It is hoped that increased flexible working will help people balance their jobs with family responsibilities, boosting motivation and improving staff retention rates. The government said the change in the law would benefit young workers who wanted to take up additional training.


22worst-commuters4SLOW GO: London commuters face an agonising 44 minutes commute to work – compared to Europe’s average of 31 minutes.

But the UK capital isn’t in the Top Ten of global snarl-ups – Beijing and Moscow manage that accolade, according to François-Joseph Van Audenhove, from management consultants Arthur D Little and the International Association of Public Transport.


WOULD YOU CREDIT IT: Cash is no longer ‘king’ – as the banks push customers to switch to cards, automated payments and a new service which is linked to mobile phone numbers.

Notes and coins now account for only £17.99 of every £100 spent, down by £3.03 on a year ago, according to the Halifax.


BLURRING THE LINES: Now music streaming counts towards the ‘Top of the Pops’ – new stats have revealed that the track Blurred Lines – which also features vocals from TI and Pharrell Williams – has sold a record-breaking 1.54 million copies.

The best-selling single of 2013 has overhauled the previous best-selling download – Adele‘s Someone Like You, which has now sold 1.53 million copies to date.


DSC_0003aCAT’S THAT THEN: It seems man’s best friend has fallen out with his master.

Men today prefer felines as pets while dogs are more popular among women, a survey suggests.

The poll, by beds retailer Time4Sleep, of 1,685 pet owners found 34 per cent of men own a cat while 33 per cent have a dog. And 36 per cent of women have a dog and 33 per cent a cat.


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