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IDS: Enough of this ‘neverendum’ story . . . let us out

August 21, 2016

IDS; Time is 'now' for Brexit

IDS; Time is ‘now’ for Brexit

WELFARE reformer Iain Duncan Smith has blasted Remainers for continuing to believe that the Leave result is “illegitimate”.

The former Work and Pensions Secretary believes the time is “now” to trigger Article 50 – the exit process.

IDS fears that there is an undercurrent of “hope” among some people who voted to stay in the EU that Britain will “drift on, never actually leaving”.

He told The Sun: “To that end they sigh that it is so complicated that it will take many, many years to negotiate. In a return to Project Fear, the same people now try to frighten us by inventing a new bottom line, saying that whatever happens, we must remain in the single market, with all its rules and regulations.”

And he added: “It is clear that the referendum was NOT a suggestion. Tired of handing over billions of their hard-earned money to wasteful EU bureaucrats, it was an order from the British people to Britain’s ruling elite — an order to ‘take back control’.

“We need to get on with triggering Article 50, as the Government has said, in early 2017.

“We shouldn’t wait to see the outcome of the two elections in Germany and France — that suggestion is yet another attempt to turn this referendum result into a ‘neverendum’.

“As the number of migrants from the EU in the UK tops a million for the first time we need to act swiftly.

“As a senior Swiss trade negotiator said to a small group of us a few weeks ago: ‘The problem is that you do not realise how powerful you really are in the UK. If little Switzerland can do so many trade deals that benefit our economy, just imagine how the world will be banging on the UK’s door.

‘You should rediscover the British belief that the EU needs to do a deal with you more than you need to do with them’.”
IDS, one of the masterminds behind the Out campaign before the referendum vote, concluded: “Let us leave as soon as possible, so that we can get on and make the most of our new-found independence.”

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