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‘Second’s out’ warns unyielding Merkel

August 21, 2016


ANGELA MERKEL; Tough time ahead for UK

ANGELA MERKEL; Tough time ahead for UK

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has dashed the hopes of millions by appearing to rule out a second vote on the decision to leave the EU.

Ms Merkel said that the Brexit vote – which saw both Scotland (62 per cent) and Northern Ireland (56 per cent) return a ‘Remain’ majority at the June 23 referendum –was “irrevocable”.

More than four million people signed a petition asking for another vote after the shock result.

A number of high-profile politicians have also suggested that the British public should get to pass judgement on the ‘Brexit’ deal the UK Government secures from Brussels.

Ms Merkel also signalled that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face tough negotiations ahead.

The Tory leader has yet to formally trigger the process of detailing the UK’s exit from the 28-nation bloc.

Mrs Merkel said: “The whole process of the exit still lies ahead of us, but the decision is irrevocable.”

She added that the decision was a test for the EU, adding: “Now we must negotiate on the basis of our interests. And ‘negotiate’ means, above all, strengthening common projects.”

In what appeared to be a warning to other countries thinking of leaving, she also said that the EU offered members a stronger voice internationally than they would have on their own.

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