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Who’d have Thorpe it? Leaving Europe turns UK into nation of tourist Remainers

August 21, 2016


FIRST AMONG PIERS: Cleethorpes Pic: Dawn Braithwaite

FIRST AMONG PIERS: Cleethorpes Pic: Dawn Braithwaite

BRITAIN is leaving Europe and now it appears the whole world wants to come to the ‘sunshine isles’ . . .

And getting out of the EU is turning Brits into the ‘bucket-and-spade brigade’ of bygone days – in holiday terms.

The staggering extent of the post-Brexit boost to tourism in the UK is revealed in official figures showing billions more pounds flowing into the industry.

While the surge in UK holidays after the June 23 vote had been predicted, the findings by the industry’s leading bodies – revealed to The Mail on Sunday – are confirmation of a huge rise both in visitors from abroad and in Britons opting for a ‘staycation’.

The extra takings in 2016 for staycations alone are set to be £2.4 billion, according to the Tourism Alliance, whose members include the British Hospitality Association, ABTA and regional tourist boards.

While £1 billion of that was spent before June 23, the total additional staycation income for 2016 is expected to be £1.4 billion.

An extra £725 million has been spent so far across Britain’s popular tourist destinations. And hundreds of millions more are set to flow in – thanks to the growth in foreign visitors.

The falling pound since the Brexit vote has made holidays more expensive for Britons going abroad and cheaper for foreign tourists coming here – giving Britain’s tourism a double boost.

And the extraordinary growth in holidays in Britain means that the industry is set for a record-breaking year, topping the high set in 2015 of £127 billion.

Other factors adding to the boom are recent fine weather, low interest rates and fears of terrorism overseas.

The Tourism Alliance estimated that spending by Britons on UK holidays has been up by 17 per cent on 2015 so far this year.

So whether it’s surfing Newquay, quaint Broadstairs, Birmingham’s retreat Weston-super-Mare or East Midlands’ Mecca of Cleethorpes Pier . . . Remain’s the name of the UK’s 2016 Passport to Happiness Holiday game

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