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THE HOME FRONT: Country Piles

wild7HEADING OUT WEST FOR A WILD NIGHT ON THE TOWN: It’s where Rawhide meets Big Country . . . Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid cosies up to True Grit.

Everything seems possible at this O.K. Corral as the good hopefully outweighs the aesthetically bad and ugly (in architectural terms).

Fantasy rides into reality as you can now buy a life-size replica of a wild west town in California for a shade under one million dollars.

The one-acre replica of which Rowdy Yates, Gil Favor and Rooster Cogburn would be proud is now for sale in the deserts of Valley Center, California.

It has been created with its own a railway station, town jail, general store, barber’s, US Marshall station and even a saloon.

And the town has featured in both TV commercials and movies, although it’s never been open to the public.

“It’s actually a private place,” listing agent Earl Brown told “I venture 95 per cent of the people in our town don’t even know it’s there.”

Obviously the place to head out west . . . and move ’em in for a wild on the town.

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