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Gareth_Bale_shows__1800790qKEEPY-UPPY TWEETS: New Real Madrid footie signing Gareth Bale may not be able to do it but Twitter has released an update that makes it easier to keep up with conversations on the social network. and Twitter’s mobile apps show conversations in chronological order – connected using a vertical line. You can catch up on a whole conversation at a glance with up to three tweets in a sequence shown connected on your home timeline.

POST HASTE OR WASTE?: So what’s the best day of the week to reach out to an audience? The argument will probably never come to a firm conclusion but a survey took a dive into more than TWO MILLION Facebooks posts and 23,000 brand pages from the end of April 2013 to the end of July to see when Page admins PREFER to post. The answer, by a whisker, was Friday (the day for a loving and giving child) followed by Thursday (far to go).

MAKING HIS MARK: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a plan – to get everyone on Planet Earth connected to the internet. In an effort to achieve this high ideal, Zuckerberg has announced the launch of – a new group a consortium that allied his company with handset makers (Nokia, Samsung, Ericcson), a browser company (Opera), and network infrastructure manufacturers (Qualcomm, MediaTek). He sees even the poorest of Earth’s population connecting to low-cost, low-data versions of basic Internet services.

LET’S FACE IT: Multiple users will now be able to contribute to Facebook’s photo albums. Up until now only album creators could add a maximum of 1,000 photos. Under the changes up to 50 contributors can add 200 photos each to the same collection – a limit of 10,000 pictures. The new feature has started in the US and will be rolled out across the world in the coming months.

AND BABY MAKES 10.6 MILLION: July 22 was officially the Daily Mail’s best ever day online. This was the day of Prince George’s royal birth, with a reported 10. 6 million “global unique browsers”. The Mail Online also confirmed July was its “best ever month” for online traffic with web traffic totalling 134,244,177 unique browsers. The Mail Online’s 11 per cent increase in traffic for July was not the highest traffic growth month-on-month however, with the Evening Standard top of the audited UK newspaper websites with a rise of 13.4 per cent, closely followed by Metro with a 13.2 per cent increase.

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